Manifest Commerce introduces Sustainable Fulfillment; led by former ShipBob Co-founder, George W.

George Wojciechowski, an industry veteran, is leading the logistics movement towards a greener supply chain with carbon-neutral fulfillment and zero plastics solutions.

AUSTIN, TX- Aug. 17, 2021 -- Today Manifest formally announced the launch of its sustainable fulfillment business led by CEO George Wojciechowski, formerly co-founder of ShipBob.


Live Music, Dance, Sheesha? The glaring defiance of Dubai’s Headlines Café and the Rooftop Lounge of social distancing and social protocols

The world is still reeling in from the devastation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with few parts of the world still being heavily tolled. Even as recent a new strain of the coronavirus has been detected in the UK which seems to have a severe transmission ability than its previous counterpart. Countries shutting down and borders slamming shut, this is what no one ever imagined panning out.


Bazinga Media Group - A new age global Digital Marketing Agency launched by Gaurav Kundu, catering to the demands of next generation SMB advertisers

It all started as a freelance way back in July 2016 where Gaurav was helping new businesses grow & offer them his expertise on digital marketing. He used to travel the length & breadth of India & identify potential startups from Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities & voluntarily lend his services in growing their online presence.


Khoja Consultants World History Making Founder Offers Patents for Sale and B2B Services

Toronto based Khoja Consultants an inventing and innovating consultancy firm along with B2B introduction for sellers globally to buyers in Canada announced the company’s new services portfolio to the public by unveiling their patent acquisition program. The patent acquisition program is aimed at businesses who are seeking to gain a competitive advantage, by gaining ownership of an industry related patent or an upgrade of their current product.


Orange County Event Venues creating a name in Event Organizing

Orange County Event Venue brings to you the best of all kinds of events all at one place. They are organizing different kinds of events in their venue. If you are looking at organizing any social event, what better than them? They are known to ensure all the details of an event are handled perfectly. They are the pioneers in the industry of event management. The team of event organizers will take care of all the requirements and they also have themes to make your event a special one.


Buy the High Pressure Pitot tube Pumps

The pioneers in the world of high pressure pitot tube pump, Thomas Pump and Machinery have announced the launch of their new and improved set of products. With their experience of 30 years, they have provided their products for much heavy-duty work in various industries. A huge array of pumps that will serve all kinds of purposes are produced and delivered by them. The tube pump industry is thriving and is very competitive and hence consumers should be well aware of the products.

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