AmplifiHub - The African Online Music Making Marketplace.

AmplifiHub is an online platform where African music makers can sign up to offer African music making services online to customers based anywhere in the world. AmplifiHub is a platform built by Africans for Africans. So whether you are a professional or a budding musician in Africa, AmplifiHub is the place to be.


The music industry in Nigeria, and Africa in general, has been undergoing several changes with regards to music style, music production and even how music videos are being directed. Generally t the world is going digital with everything getting easily accessible with just a click. With regards to these, there is a solid need for the evolution of the music industry as well.


AmplifiHub is a website designed to meet the needs of music-makers all over the country, satisfying the general public and the makers of music. This is a digital way of showcasing talents and also building talents in Nigeria and Africa at large. AmplifiHub can be referred to as a “one-stop shop” for music; where one has access to music beats, song writers, music video directing.

The website is beautifully designed with unclouded graphics and an easily accessible layout so, one does not easily get confused while navigating the site. It also has a music player embedded in it so one can easily sample beats and other suitable content. It is located at

As a Music Making Professional

AmplifiHub gives you the opportunity to market your products and services such as song writing, mixing and mastering, video directing and beat production. It provides a plan that you subscribe to, which enables you to display your products and services to the musicians. You would have your login details and your personal dashboard. Even better, there is a personalized e-wallet for music producers.

As a Musician

AmplifiHub provides a platform that acts as a one-stop shop for your music needs. No need to go around looking for all you need when you can get it all in one place. Get a songwriter, a beat maker, a mixing and mastering engineer and even a video director for your music video without so much hassle. Also AmplifiHub has an artistes hub, displaying artistes available for bookings for shows and events.

Our Subscription Packages

AmplifiHub provides really affordable and reasonable rates for our customers. They include:

Artistes, Songwriters and Video Directors : NGN 1000 a year for directory listing

Music Producers:

Gold : NGN 500 per month for 10 beats upload limit

Silver : NGN 1000 per month for 30 beats + mixing and mastering addon

Platinum : NGN 5000 per month for unlimited beats upload and mixing and mastering addon.

Referral System

There is a unique referral system that AmplifiHub offers every registered user which gives back 100% of what the referred user subscribes, for the first month. So, when you refer someone and he or she subscribes for a monthly plan, you get back what he or she paid for to your personalized e-wallet. Like we say in AmplifiHub, “Earn while you create”.

Our Communication System

The website is equipped with a very informative FAQ page which answers any possible question you might have concerning the website and how it runs. There is also an icon where you could have a conversation with the AmplifiHub team about issues pertaining to the site, suggestions and questions you feel were not answered at all or to your satisfaction. An online cart is provided for all purchases to be made on the site.


So, what are you waiting for, log on to, sign up, subscribe to any of the packages stated, and move along with the tides. The currents of the music industry sea in Africa is flowing vigorously and AmplifiHub is here to be your surfboard. Happy sailing!

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