Jenna Longmire laments about “The God I Knew” while releasing single and lyric video.

The God I Knew is so much more than a song to Jenna Longmire.  It has become a memorial tribute song for her dear friend Merrill Farnsworth. Prompted by an assignment given at the 2017 Mercyland Songwriting Workshop “The God I Knew” was written by Jenna Longmire, Allison Dowsley and Stephan Gaus. Longmire’s deep passionate vocals bring this song to places seen in the lyric video.


Jenna Longmire had this to say about Merrill Farnsworth and Mercyland Songwriting Workshop.


Merrill Farnsworth, dear friend and writing mentor invited me to attend and perform at the first Mercyland in Grayton Beach, January 2015 soon after the release of my first CD ‘Resistance.’ Little did we know then that she and her partner Phil Madeira would start a heartfelt, soulful community of songwriters? We lost Merrill in September of 2017 to Cancer so I am honoring her legacy with the song release. It was her prompt, “your favorite Bible verse” that inspired the song.”


The GOD I Knew is a thought provoking song that recants ones spiritual relationship between them and their GOD.  The combo of gorgeous scenic photos and lyrics creates a visual presentation that is sure to touch ones soul. The lyric video is being released via YouTube on May 15th, 2018.  This lyric video is sure to inspire and evoke emotion. Once again Jenna delivers another beautiful, poignant song. Many people will be able to relate to this song.  The painting entitled “River Angel” by Merrill Farnsworth is featured at the end of this music video. Another profound fact connected to this release is the lyric video has been produced and edited by a man who has been battling bladder cancer. 


The GOD I Knew is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.  Find how more about Jenna by visiting her website and make sure to like her on Facebook.

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