National Business Coaching Association Offers Free Help to Business Owners in Need!

We are currently facing unprecedented times for small businesses, with the Covid-19 pandemic here in Canada. Businesses are struggling to react to the rapidly changing situation. Many business owners and leaders are in panic mode as the result of the economic impacts of this pandemic.

“As business coaches who are working side by side with business owners, we are seeing daily the effects of this pandemic. We are coaching business owners who are being forced to close down their businesses and lay off employees. We are supporting businesses leaders who don’t have the cash flow to pay bills and who can’t sleep at night because they think they are going to lose their businesses” Says Dave Fuller, President of the PBCA (Professional Business Coaches Association) Canada.

Our community of Canadian business coaches share the concerns of our clients and the business owners across Canada.  PBCA members have come together to offer their services free of charge for business owners affected by Covid 19 during the coming weeks and months if necessary, to help them get a grip on the current situation, deal with pandemic planning, address business continuity needs and identify and pursue new opportunities that will emerge. We encourage all business owners who need some help from coaches who have owned or managed their own businesses to reach out for a No Charge Covid 19 Strategy Session.

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