Unique Rock Band With Horns, SLOW LIGHTS Releases Free Music Download for Second Single, Portable Cabanas


Baltimore, MD (May 8, 2018)...Five musicians from Maryland are out to make an impact on the world with their music.  Their first album, Slow Lights LP, features nine songs written by Asa Kurland that resonate with the human condition. The tracks cohesively flow as the story is told and seem universal as they transcend age, culture, and genres. “Portable Cabanas” adds to the music a feeling of contemplation about man’s temporal condition.


"Portable Cabanas" is the second release off of Slow Lights LPThe Jamwich review said  “the Album is multi-layered…[with] the sounds of horns …blistering guitar solos, catchy lyrics and captivating vocals.”  Elise Olmstead, co-owner of the magazine, describes Portable Cabanas as “introspective” and it is clear that this song hits the mark.  The new single follows "Wicked Bones", which was released in March 2018. The music video for "Wicked Bones" will be available online soon.


Both singles are available to download for free (or stream) on Noisetrade  


"Portable Cabanas" delves into the discomfort of loss, having been inspired by the death of a friend while driving under the influence. 


“Can’t stop this feeling from coming out
But you’re close and putting in the towel!
Come on, there’s something going on we can’t know.
Stop sign middle of the night… airplane take you out the sky
There’s something colder than your last name… stone walls…”

About Slow Lights, LLC:  Slow Lights is dedicated to creating music with a purpose. Our songs include commentary on life, love, politics and enlightenment. The aim is to lift your mind and spirit to a wider view of the human condition. You can find more Slow Lights online at SlowLights.com, and stream their music at the following:

















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